To Kafranbel Coordinating Community and brave Syrians


On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity. (Qur’an 5:32)

Syrian brothers, you are in desperate condition, you seem to be under the hellish rain of napalm, TNT and scud missiles, your homes and towns along with your relatives are being burnt down, I know this fact, I know it in profound sorrow, but do not retreat, let your honest hearts which tend to build up a free society lead you to this noble aim!

Since the notorious chemical massacre in August, the last year, you are seeking for help far away from your country, when your help is to be found at your Muslim brothers in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. The famous satirical cartoons from the heart of the Syrian Revolution – Kafranbel used to call for help from foreign intervention of USA against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, but since the very next month after the massacre, Kafranbel citizens began loosing their hope that USA will help the Revolution by means of their airstrikes against Bashar’s military bases. This is not bad news for citizens of Kafranbel, but there is still to be learnt.

From the very beginning USA were not your friend, if they really wanted to help you they would not have to wait for your revolution and instead of that, they would have attacked the regime when Hafez took the power by coup d’etat. Or rather, if they only could, they would have corrupted Assad’s elite to serve their own interests. Yet, Syria had remained under the influence of USSR and after its collapse under that of Russia. Thus, USA and Russia will do anything and they do, both of them supplying each of their allies: al-Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, and Assad’s regime, respectively, in order to corrupt the people’s soul of the Syrian revolution and make it their figure of clay. What could be more brutal crime and worse treachery than this, my comrades! Remember, they don’t like when the Revolution takes its own course, they will try and are trying to control it.

The mission of Human Care Syria is hundred times more effective than the treacherous drones of Americans! You may ask how. By helping the Syrian refugees in food, cloths, medicines, etc. you help them to bring back their hope in the Syrian revolution, and that would be a greatest moral defeat of Bashar. You see, you can help yourselves only by your mutual support, you are many poor but honest Muslims, they are few – kings, presidents, theocrats – but Muslims corrupted in their souls, that king Abdullah who has no pity for your children starving to death under the siege of the Syrian regime and who are freezing to death in the refugee camps in your near-by countries, that indecent king of Saud dinasty who does not care to give shelter to these suffering children in his golden palace in Riyadh, but rather he sends into your homes religious fanatics and butchers who will corrupt your freedom and your revolution by establishing the Sharia courts, will rape and then stone to death your women, these bacha-bazi men will seduce your male children and make of them slaves, and still they will preach with impudence, in the name of Allah. They should be rewarded with cutting off their totalitarian langues!

If Erdogan’s government fell because of the current corruption affair, it would be almost certain that Turkey would not intervene directly against the Syrian regime. I know, you don’t like Sisi because he is Bashar’s friend, but believe me, he is useful until he managed to root out the Muslim Brothers associated with Zawahiri’s al-Qaeda. That’s the historical justification of Sisi’s role. Of course, Sisi is against re-nationalization of the factories and companies which is the real demand of many workers’ unions and workers’ political parties in Egypt. In reality, Sisi represses every political movement of the workers demanding the re-nationalization of the former state owned companies. Thus, the workers in Egypt are your only friends. You must ask the support of the Egyptian workers, plead them to occupy some factory for production of bullets and to supply the rebels with arms. You can express this pleading to the Egyptian workers on the famous cartoons of Kafranbel via Internet and social groups there, or sending your own adjutants to transmit and exchange useful information out of the regime’s reach, etc. Beg for their solidarity like equal brothers, Muslims and workers! The history is your best teacher. The Russian revolution in the year of 1917 emerged victorious through self-sacrifice on the part of the world-wide workers.

What I want to tell you is that the Syrian revolutionaries and citizens of Syria who support the Revolution should not trust anyone who governs. Imagine! Maduro the president of Venezuela who represents himself as a friend of the poor, he dares to slander the resistance of the Syrian poor citizens by giving his support for the tyrant Assad! What a crime against the humanity! Only the heaven is my witness how much I despise those self-called “friends of the poor and repressed”.

Only the Egyptian and Syrian workers, brothers and Muslims, can help each other against their tyrants. Neither Saud nor Obama. This is why I would like to see Kafranbel community to draw cartoons on which your co-citizens will demand for the support of Egyptian workers, and not only their support, but also the support of the Libyan workers who have occupied the petrol refineries since August. The Libyan workers could help the revolutionaries in Syria by supplying them with oil to put in order the liberated areas and for military aims.

As soon as I learnt about the chemical massacre, I thought of the Syrian poetess Maram al-Masri who for over 30 years lives in exile in Paris, because of her critique to Assad’s regime, and I addressed her for help of Syrian people. Unlike the unpaid agents and unaware vagabonds in service of Assad’s elite who are ordinary indifferent authors of scribbles for the cause of the tyrant Bashar, by soaking their pen in the blood of the Syrian martyrs, Maram al-Masri, like a mother who have not seen her son for whole 11 years because of the false “secularism” of Assad’s regime, with whole her being understands the pain of tens of thousands mothers who lost their children and babies on the dreadful 21-st August. On this fatal day, all the motherland, named Syria, raises dead children, they are many, heavy load, but in the embrace of Syria they are light, lifeless!

“Maram al-Masri, once time ago for the cause of the people, the (in)famous Che Guevara wrote letters to the eminent philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russel pleading them to organize donations for arming the liberation movement in Bolivia. Today, Syria, the Syrian people, who suffocates in its own martyr blood shed by the vampire Assad, pleads for your help to organize in Paris donations of the same kind. This is your historical role and the history needs Maram al-Masri NOW!”

I addressed also my demand to the Egyptian revolutionary Mahmoud Badr who is recognized for the dethroning of Mosri: “I am horrified because of the massacre executed today against those innocent children in Syria. Please help the Syrian people, by arming them massively, let every 10 years old child, every woman, every conscientious man in Syria take your granted arms and strike down the Syrian elites, like once during the good days of Paris Commune in 1871. Only in consolidating with Syrian revolution, the Egyptian revolution can root itself deeper! Talk to the Egyptian revolutionary government and asked for state’s carefully financing in arms and medicaments only for those parts of Syrian Free Army which are not under the control of Muslim Brotherhood. Bear in mind that we are all one mankind, and the Syrian people are your brothers and sisters too. If you believe in God, take into account that “God is punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me…” (Deut. 5:9, Old Testament). And Allah loves those who are righteous (Qur’an 3:76).

The Arabic motto on this picture translates as "The people want to overthrow the regime"

The Arabic motto on this picture translates as “The people want to overthrow the regime”

The hypocritical anti-imperialist elite of left-wing intellectuals slander the Syrian revolution calling it “quasi-revolution” (Slavoj Žižek, the same philosoph who defends a dictatorship without proletariat!). They argue that there is not a massive sector of the Syrian people who reject the regime and as proof of this, they say that Assad is still in power. They forget that during the French revolution this is from 14 July 1789, the king Louis XVI was still in power until 10 august 1792 when the monarchy was abolished and the royal family was arrested and imprisoned. It takes time for one regime to fall, especially when the Syrian people is poorly armed. As soon as the French people managed to arm itself they dethroned the tyrant Louis Capet. This is why the regime of Bashar manages to maintain itself – by conducting a massacre against a poorly armed people and by the destruction of much of the country. Bashar allegedly said: “A revolution is usually done by the people not by importing foreigners to rebel against the people”, associating to imported al-Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). But revolutionary France was in the same situation. Until the fall of the king, many foreign kingdoms declared war to France although the king was still in power because they knew the absolute monarchy was in danger in France and they were afraid from spreading of the revolutionary ideas and enthusiasm outside of France. In the winter 1793 only Denmark and Sweden, Switzerland and USA maintained normal diplomatic relations with France. With the sudden deterioration of the situation on the front the question for a change of the method of political management emerged. The French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat demanded a Committee of public safety and Committee of general security to be formed as topmost revolutionary organs with dictatorial authorization. This is not the case of the rebel camp in the civil war in Syria. FSA brigades operating within the country do so on the basis of local criteria and needs, without answering to a general plan and a single command, which moreover does not really exist. Without a single national center of the rebellion in the country, with a political leadership abroad paralyzed by insurmountable political and tactical differences, with its military forces acting without connection and without central control; such a situation favoured the intervention of sectarian and extremist foreign militias such like al-Nusra and ISIL. Fortunately, on 4 January 2014 a second Syrian revolution burst out, this time against al-Sham and ISIL. These are in short my arguments in defense of the Syrian revolution.

A Syrian people’s friend from Macedonia


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